Quick Layering Tip…

Here is an easy and quick way to get layers with just one punch!

Tag Layering 9

That is right one Punch two different looks.

I will show you step by step how to do this.

Click on any picture to get a larger view.

I use the Decorative Label Punch for these.

Order HERE

Step one…

Tag Layering 1Tag Layering 5

Punch out your label in the main color and the layer color.

Cut the layer color down the middle.

Horizontal cuts will give you long layers.

Vertical cuts will give you shorter end layers.

Step Two…

Tag Layering 2 Tag Layering 6

Next snip off the inside corners.

This prevents them from showing when attached.

Step Three…

Tag Layering 3 Tag Layering 7

Next attach with adhesive.

I use two way glue because it gives me some time to reposition it to get it aligned just right

You can order Two Way glue HERE

This is the backside of the label so you can see how to position the cut pieces.

All Done…

Tag Layering 9

This is what the finished labels will look like.

Click on the picture to order your Decorative Label punch and get punching!

Decorative Label Punch

This is one of my favorite punches.

It is very versatile and many of  of our word stamps fit right in!

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