Photopolymer Stamp Sets…

Photo what? That’s what I said when I first heard the word Photopolymer.

Evidently I am not the only one! Check out this funny Video from Stampin” Up!

Here is what Stampin’ Up! had to say about these new sets:

The new photopolymer will be an addition to our stamp line and will appeal to all types of stampers. Our top-quality photopolymer has just enough give to create a perfectly stamped image every time and with the introduction of our firm-foam pads, let’s just say they’re meant for each other! Photopolymer stamps will also be unique, fun designs that will inspire you and provide more versatile options you may not see in our traditional wood- and clear-mount stamp options

What makes them so great?

  • They’re entirely transparent for perfect placement every time!
  • They are durable. The photopolymer material is designed to last.
  • Can you say sticky? (Don’t worry; in a good way.) These stamps stick amazingly well to our clear blocks.
  • They’re age tested. They won’t yellow or cloud up over time.
  • We could go on, but we’ll let you try them for yourself.

 And here is a video from Stampin’ Up! about the Photopolymer Stamps:

And finally…the stamp sets themselves:

Bombs Away is the first of four Photopolymer Stamp Sets, CLICK HERE to order.

Bombs Away Photopolymer 133411 Bombs Away 2 Photopolymer 133411

Designer Typeset Photopolymer stamp set is the second set to be introduced, CLICK HERE to order.

Designer Typeset Photopolymer 132956 Designer Typeset 2 Photopolymer 132956

Show & Tell 1 Photopolymer Stamp Set is the third set to be introduced, CLICK HERE to order.

Show & Tell 1 Photopolymer 133450 Show & Tell 1.2 Photopolymer 133450

Show & Tell 2 Photopolymer Stamp Set is the fourth set to be introduced, CLICK HERE to order.

Show & Tell 2 Photopolymer 133481 Show & Tell 2.2 Photopolymer133481

You can save 15% when you bundle the two Show and Tell Photopolymer stamp sets with the Seeing the Possibilities online class

Check out the Show and Tell Bundle Here

I would be remiss if i didn’t include the fine print…always a catch.


Photopolymer stamps will be offered on a trial basis.

Based on popularity, Stampin’ Up! hopes to release more photopolymer stamp sets over the coming months.

At this time Stampin’ Up! does not plan on offering a line of photopolymer sets as expansive as their wood-mount and clear-mount lines.
Not available in wood-mount or clear-mount.
All photopolymer will be packaged in cello bag w/insert, but don’t forget you can store them in our clear cases.

Order your Photopolymer stamp sets HERE and Send Me photos of what you created so I can post them on my member gallery

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