Sad day and a Quick Tip…

I was so excited when I finally got my order but I was in the middle of moving so it got put to the side. Once I was finally settle in my new place I opened the box and found my Champagne mist shimmer paint which I have wanted to get for awhile.

I pulled out the Stampin Spritzers and added rubbing alcohol and some of the paint to it. Luckily I am not one to just go for it so, I tried it on a scrap of paper and blah, out came big glops of paint not a fine mist that I was looking for. I thought my mister was broken so I cleaned it out and tried it with just water “ta da” beautiful mist.

I played with the ratio for quite awhile before I got the fine mist of shimmer that I was looking for.

The ratio is about half the mister with rubbing alcohol and three to four drops of shimmer paint.

I am sad to say the shimmer paint is on the retired list and boy was I upset, I just figured out how to use it and fell in love with it and it’s gone.

I will find something comparable to it and report back.

One the quest for more shimmer….











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