More Love for MDS…

Grand baby number two Raelynn

I took more time to make this one

I hand colored a couple of the stamps

That was fun, it was easy too

I could zoom in on the image so I could color precisely where I wanted just like markers to stamps

This time I used letter punches for the name instead of text

Raelynn's Page-001Four more Grand Babies to go

I will try to find new techniques to use on each one

I will report anything new I try and any glitches if I find them, so far it has been pretty flawless

I think the only trouble anyone might have is understanding layers

Think about how you would lay down a paper scrapbook page and then you can see in layers…

Background page, embellishments, stamps layers of paper and photo are all layers

With MDS you don’t have to worry about getting them placed just right

You can bring something forward or send it back behind something else

You can grab something and move it to the exact location you want

If something else is in the way just move it for awhile fix what is behind it and then put it back

Don’t like something just click on it to change it or delete it

No worrying about gluing down and ripping paper to remove it

Did I mention I love MDS

Don’t get me wrong I am still a hands on girl and love my paper and ink

But MDS is awesome too!!!

Now if I could just find a way to watercolor in MDS I would be set!

Check it out for yourself!

30-day free trial MDS

Signature 4


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