3 Reasons to Organize your Stamps and Tools Part 4…

I finally finished this project

I know I will be changing this up as I add new stamps

When I was finished with stamping all the images I realized a few things…

One, I want them to be catagorized

Two, I want them separated by type


Three, I want the word and sentiment stamps in their own section

so I will be redoing this part of my organizing

For now they are all in there at easy glance

I did find another reason to do this

The other day I was working on some 3 x 3 cards for my craft fair

when I got frustrated with a particular design my partner asked if I wanted help

She wanted to know what stamps I had and it was so easy to hand her the book and say they are all in there.

Having my punch book helped too because we could just hold a template to a stamped image and see what fit

She designed and created her very first card, boy was she proud!

Okay back to the stamps, here is a few pictures of how they turned out

The Stamps 3 The Stamps 2 The Stamps 1

Like I said earlier I will be redoing these but for now they are all in one place

They are easy to see and I don’t have to grab all my stamp boxes to decide just which one I want to use

I hope you enjoyed my organizing journey

I am sure I will find more to organize and will keep you updated as I do

Please let me know if you have any organizing tips or questions by contacting me HERE

Signature 4

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