The Best Digital Scrapbooking Program…

Just got even better

The latest version for MDS is here

Don’t know which version you have?

Open MDS, click on the help button then click on “about mds”

MDS screen shot help-updated find
MDS screen shot help-updated look like This is what pops up when you click “About MDS”

Now if you do not have version

You will need to check for updates under the help tab

Onto the changes with the new version: Enhancements

*New colors added to the color palette

*Color palette arranged in color spectrum order

*Dynamic color palette arrangement allows user to drag color to right-most column

*Dynamic calendar in Design Center now has “Apply” button so that users can see changes with dialog box still open Fixes

 *Copied text from external programs shows in MDS

*Photos/Page layers rendered properly when spanning pages

*Text changes for text attached to shape

*Set Photo as Background option does NOT show if more than one photo is selected

*Paper Rip option does NOT show if more than one object selected

*Attach to Shape option does NOT show as available when a photo (or page layer) and shape are selected

I was excited to find all the new colors in MDS as soon as I updated it

I didn’t have to buy them at all!!!!

Please contact me if you are having trouble and I will personally walk you through it

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