12 Ways to Save 15%…

Today I want to talk about bundles

Bundles save you 15% off the individual pieces

They are perfectly paired to get you creating instantly


Well I haven’t seen a bundle I didn’t like

I will be honest, when I placed my last order I messed up

I ordered two items that were in a bundle but because I was not paying attention I missed out on the 15% savings

To get the savings you have to use the bundle code not the individual codes

SO I am posting all of the bundles in the new Annual Catalog here

That way you have the right codes so you don’t miss out on 15% savings!!!

These are listed in the order you will find them in the catalog

All page references are for the new Annual Catalog (Link on the right)


Chalk Talk Bundle Page 12

Wood Mount #132731

Clear Mount #132730

Chalk Talk 132731L

Label Love Page 32

Wood Mount #132723

Clear Mount #132722

Label Love 132723L

Backyard Basics Page 79

Wood Mount #132729

Clear Mount #132728

Backyard Basics 132729L

Wildflower Meadow Page 79

Wood Mount #132735

Clear Mount #132985Wildflower Meadow 132735L

Flower Shop Page 95

Wood Mount #132727

Clear Mount #132726

Flower shop 132727L

Beautiful Baroque Page 113

Wood Mount (only) #132732

Beautiful Baroque132732L

Mosaic Madness Page 123

Wood Mount #132734

Clear Mount #132733Mosaic Madness 132734L

Six Sided Sampler Page 125

Wood Mount #132725

Clear Mount #132724Six Sided Sampler 132725L

Tag a Box Page 159

Item # 131372

Tag a Box 131372L

Tag a Bag Page 159

Item # 131371Tag a Bag 131371L

Clear Block Starter Set Page 196

Item # 129851

Clear Block Starter set 129851L

Complete Clear Block Set Page 196

Item # 118491

All the Clear Blocks 118491LClick on any link above to be taken directly to my store for ordering

Those of you that are not comfortable ordering online can contact me directly to order ~Order with Me~

I hope this helps you find the bundles you are dieing to have!

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