One Cool Trick

As promised yesterday I will show you how to create a glue top note pad

What you will need:

10 sheets of copy paper

A 1″ strip of decorative paper the same width of your stack

Two Binder clips

One paint brush


Tombow Multi-Purpose Adhesive # 110755

First cut 10 sheets of copy paper to desired size

I cut mine in landscape position at 3 1/5″, 7″, and 10 1/5″

Then I cut those strips at 4″ and 8″

This created a 60 sheet notepad that is 3 1/5″ by 4″

Once you have your stack of paper cut

Stack them together and binder clip them on each side close to the top

Pad Binder clippedNext step is to use your Tombow Multi-Purpose Adhesive and the paint brush to paint the glue across the top of the stack

Make sure to cover every piece of paper

Next step is the hardest part…

Wait while it dries

Since the glue will remain a little tacky use the 1″ strip to cover and decorate the top of your notepad

Ta Da you have a glued notepad, each sheet will tear off individually

Try it and tell me what you think

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