Paper Pumpkin Limited Time Offer…


What is Paper Pumpkin you may be asking…

Well, it is awesome! Okay I know that tells you nothing, Paper Pumpkin is…

A complete class delivered to your door every month!

Everything you need to complete the project is included (except adhesive)

The paper is cut, the ink and stamps are there, you even get instructions and embellishments!

Your first kit is a welcome kit and includes a surprise. Then every month you get a new kit. How fun is that!

What is even better than that?

Paper-pumpkin_demo_header_augustThe promo code above saves you 50% off your first two months of subscription

Yes you read it right

For the first two months you get the Paper Pumpkin delivered to your door for $10.00 a month

That is half off the regular price!

Make sure to use the promo code PUMPKINDEAL

Order your your Paper Pumpkin Kit HERE

Not sure if you are ready for a month to month commitment?


That’s okay some people are just naturally afraid of commitment.

Stampin’ Up! has you covered!

There is a “Try It Kit” So you can try it before commit to Paper Pumpkin Club!

Give Paper Pumpkin a Try and let us delivery happiness in a red box to you!

Click on The Paper Pumpkin Logo (The Carriage) above to go the the Paper Pumpkin Website to learn more or click HERE

(The “Try it Kit” is not available for a discount)

Click on the image above to order your trial kit or click HERE

Oh Ya and one more reason to jump on the  Paper Pumpkin Carriage… Paper Pumpkin offers a simple, creative experience each month.

What’s more-sometimes, your monthly kit features . . . wait for it . . . some exclusive products you can only get through Paper Pumpkin.

Try it and see what you think.

You can cancel your membership any time.

You can even suspend a month if you need to.

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