I Love my Job!!!

Hey everyone, I am sorry for such a long absence

A lot has been going on since my last post

I have several people going through battles with breast cancer

I had a craft show in October and I am preparing for another one in early December

I helped at the local Kwik Stop until they found a new manager

I realized I didn’t want a full time job, I wanted to focus on my arts and my blog

That is what I love to do and I was getting further and further away from it

I still help fill in around town when people need it

I am also watching my two year old niece while her mommy works

Watching her is a lot of fun and she has already fallen in love with stamping

Over the next few weeks I will be posting current content as well as older content I want available on my blog

Such as MDS Free downloads from weeks past as you can still download them

It is important to me to have complete content and so I will be filling gaps

I will limit posts that go out to my subscribers to two a day so I don’t flood anyone’s email or RSS reader

I have also decided that my blog is a little stuffy so to combat that I am going to try and personalize it more

I will share things that have nothing to do with crafting like my best friend and cuddle buddy Tater

My Tater Marie

She is a nine pound mini dapple dachshund that was rescued from an abusive home

When I got her at eighth months her nose and tail had been broken

She didn’t even know how to play

I will also feature my niece and her artwork as her mommy said it was okay

Please be patient with me while I get my blog updated

As always if you would like to see something specific please don’t hesitate to let me know

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