I Love my Dog

To start this page I will introduce you to my best friend

My Tater Marie

This is Tater Marie she is a four year old mini dapple dachshund

She was rescued from an abusive home by a rescue group in Kansas

I adopted her when she was eight months old

When I got her she had already had her nose and tail broken

When we got to the hotel after adopting her we tried to get her to play

She didn’t seem to know how BUT…

She is a wiener and they love the chase, it is in their DNA

So my mate Jerrah started running up and down the hotel room and low and behold she started chasing after

It took us a few months to get her to actually play with toys

She is now a full of life normal puppy, well…

As normal as it gets for wiener dogs

She sleeps 20 hours a day and defuzzes anything she can however it is worth it

She curls up in my lap when I am working and licks my face when I am sad

She brings so much joy to our lives that I couldn’t imagine my life without her

My daughter use to say there is no love like wiener love and she is so right!

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