I Love the Holidays

Okay maybe I don’t exactly love them

I do love watching other people get into the spirit

I also love sitting back and watching people go nuts like on black Friday

What I don’t love is scrambling to get everything done

I also hate not having enough time for the things that I want to do

Since my family is a need they come first, wants come second

I was really hoping to post some updates this past weekend and week but…

That didn’t happen, we went out of town instead

I packed up my laptop and everything I would need to work on my blog

As with many things I just ran out of time

I mentioned in a previous post that I am getting ready for a Christmas Craft show

That will be held on December 5th in downtown Imperial, NE

I will post pictures once I have them all

I also will be posting pictures of the fall craft fair that happened in October

I will be adding two new pages to the blog

One will feature artists that I know, this is where you will find my little nieces artwork

The other page I will be adding will be a non crafting page

This is where I will post random things like my buddy Tater

Please hang with me as I get back into my groove

I encourage you to contact me with any questions and/or requests

Have a wonderful Holiday season!!!

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