I Love New Beginnings!

I have to laugh because in November I posted that I was coming back to blogging

Well, things happen and boy did they happen to me

I outgrew my little house, for those that don’t know my house is 480 sq. feet

I was able to rent a converted hotel room at a reduced rate

I turned this into my studio and was inundated with questions like:

“When will you open?”

“Are you going to have classes?”

and my favorite…

“Can I just come hang out and craft?”

Well I have to say this was just suppose to be my personal studio

However, things change and I now have a studio that is open to the public five days a week

I have had to do some major juggling of my schedule but I am happy to say I am proud of my little Studio

Here are some pictures of Stamping the Moon Studio:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see from the slideshow there are a lot of different areas

The kids area was designed for my niece Danyelle whom I watch everyday while her mommy is working

I have an entire table for my die cut center and two tables for crafting

The gondola has some items for display and some items for sale

I also carry some supplies like adhesives

The scarves you see in the slideshow are on consignment from a friend of the family

I would really love to hear what you think of my little studio, please leave a comment below

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