I boldly stated that I was going to try to post every weekend and Tue./Wed. and I failed. I had beaten myself up over this until I realized that life happens and I needed to learn to just go with the flow. So that is what I am doing, embracing the chaos and going with the flow.

What happened was on New Year’s day my friend and I went on an adventure to find a craft store. I say adventure because we live in a rural area of Nebraska and all the great stores are at least three hours away. We finally found a Michael’s store in Greeley, CO three and a half hours from home. Needless to say I spent more money than I was planning to, but I had coupons! For the most part I bought ink, lots of ink. I bought alcohol ink, India ink, and acrylic ink.

The first chance I got to play with the new inks was the weekend. When I bought the inks, I had a specific technique in mind but what I forgot was the proper paper. Side note glossy photo paper does not work. I was able to make a couple of marbled backgrounds that are kind of pretty.

Needless to say I was disappointed in my results and proceeded to put my inks away. I sat there for awhile trying to will my creativity into action to no avail. I knew I had craft fairs coming up and needed to make some cards and things for that. I just couldn’t get my creative juices flowing. So, I turned to my old stand by C.A.S.E. (copy and share everything) this acronym is used throughout the crafting community. when I am stuck I find something that appeals to me and recreate it sometimes I keep it the same and sometimes my own creativity kicks in right away and I change everything. When I am extremely lacking in creativity I will C.A.S.E. other peoples projects until my own creativity kicks in. With that being said I would like to share a sample I cased from jreks @ splitcoaststamping via Pinterest:

I copied it exactly as it was pictured. It is not complete as nothing is glued down and the more I look at it the more I want to add and change aspects of it. I will continue to play with it until I am happy with the results. I will post a final picture when it’s complete.

Do you ever get stuck in a creative rut? leave me a comment telling me how you get out of your rut.


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