Sometimes you just have to phone it in. I hate to do that but this weekend was a stressful one. My indoor cat, that I have had since he was a day old, went missing on Saturday. I bottle fed this cat until he was old enough to eat on his own. I had him fixed and declawed. Now, eight years later, he is out there in the cold running scared with no way to defend himself and I am completely distraught. Needless to say every spare moment is spent looking for him.

Since I didn’t get any samples made I thought I would share some videos from Stampin’ Up!

This is the new Foil Paper that you can get for FREE with a fifty dollar order.
This video includes three different products you can get for FREE with a fifty dollar purchase.

Like I said I am phoning it in and I apologize for that. I just felt I needed to put something up so I wasn’t just ignoring my blog.

As always keep stamping the moon!


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