Take Two Tuesday

Everyone does a technique Tuesday so I decided to mix it up

I am starting a Take Two Tuesday

Every Tuesday I will try to post one stamp, technique or, tool


I will show you two ways to use it

This Tuesday I am going to show you Faux silk done two ways

The technique is really quick and simple and leaves a beautiful unique finish

The technique only requires the addition of tissue paper and a glue stick

This technique can give you a matted faux silk look or a glossy faux silk look

Okay lets get started:

First you will need a few things


Tissue paper (old wrinkled tissue paper is fine)

Stamp pads and a stamp set

I used Bloomin Marvelous (retired)

A glue stick, I recommend  the Anywhere Glue Stick #104045 it is rectangle in shape and will get to the corners of your cards

Crystal Effects # 101055  (For the Glossy version) and a paint brush

Sponges if you want to sponge the edges

First stamp your images onto your piece that is to become faux silk

The Stamped Image on Whisper White Cardstock
The Stamped Image on Whisper White Cardstock

Next cut a piece of tissue paper a little larger than the stamped piece

    Tissue cutting

Next crumple the tissue paper up into a ball

When you open it don’t smooth all the wrinkles out just enough to cover the stamped piece

100_1060 Open tissue

Next apply the glue stick to the entire surface of the stamped piece and pat the tissue onto it without smoothing

We want the wrinkles to show through they are part of the look

Next turn over your piece and glue down any overhang

Tissue glued to front Backside

This is the Matte version of Faux Silk you can leave it this way and use it as is or take it one step further

Matted Faux silk

Glossy Faux Silk

Finished Piece

To do this you need a paint brush and Crystal Effects # 101055

Getting ready for crystal effects

I lay my piece on a piece of wax paper before painting the crystal effects over it

This way when it is dry it will remove without tearing and any adhesive on the edges can be trimmed away with scissors

So go ahead and paint an even layer of crystal effects over the entire surface of your piece and let it dry

Crystal effects added but still wet
Crystal effects added but still wet

Layer this onto card stock when it is dry and you are done

The longest part of this is waiting for the crystal effects to dry

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on take two “Faux Silk”

Please leave me a comment below and share with your friends!

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3 Reasons to Organize your Stamps and Tools Part 4…

I finally finished this project

I know I will be changing this up as I add new stamps

When I was finished with stamping all the images I realized a few things…

One, I want them to be catagorized

Two, I want them separated by type


Three, I want the word and sentiment stamps in their own section

so I will be redoing this part of my organizing

For now they are all in there at easy glance

I did find another reason to do this

The other day I was working on some 3 x 3 cards for my craft fair

when I got frustrated with a particular design my partner asked if I wanted help

She wanted to know what stamps I had and it was so easy to hand her the book and say they are all in there.

Having my punch book helped too because we could just hold a template to a stamped image and see what fit

She designed and created her very first card, boy was she proud!

Okay back to the stamps, here is a few pictures of how they turned out

The Stamps 3 The Stamps 2 The Stamps 1

Like I said earlier I will be redoing these but for now they are all in one place

They are easy to see and I don’t have to grab all my stamp boxes to decide just which one I want to use

I hope you enjoyed my organizing journey

I am sure I will find more to organize and will keep you updated as I do

Please let me know if you have any organizing tips or questions by contacting me HERE

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The Best Part of the New Cataolog…

Are the colors!!!!

Oh my Goodness are they cool!!!

They did away with some colors but they added some new ones and…

The BEST part is the way they regrouped some of the colors

Color Refresh 2013 New colors

They have made it easy to get just the new colors so….

If you already have all the colors you can order just the paper and stamp pads in the new colors and you can order the pens in just the new colors

8-1/2″ X 11″ Cardstock And Classic Stampin’ Pad New Color Kit  #132275

Stampin’ Write Marker New Color Kit #130034

Go get yours Now, just click the links above!!!

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I Love My Digital Studio…

I learned how to use My Digital Studio (MDS) today

I learned how to make a business card.

I love all the elements and stamps I can place into project

I can change the colors, shapes, sizes, even the opacity of a color (just like stamping off an image)

My Business Card-001

This is what I came up with

I can’t wait to get more Designer paper so I have more choices

Check out my Facebook page Here

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3 Reasons to Organize your Stamps and Tools Part 3…

This is part 3 of my personal journey to get organized

This post I tackled my color collection

I only have the colors that are staying in the Color Refresh (May 31st I can post all the new colors)

I have a technique book that is an 8 x 8 photo album

I decided to put my color pages in with my techniques to keep everything close at hand

I don’t want a ton of different books to look through to find what I need

The Bright Collection
The Bright Collection
The Neutral Collection
The Neutral Collection
The Regal Collection
The Regal Collection
The Subtle Collection
The Subtle Collection

In the process of creating these pages I also added some organizing to my stamp pads

I used the Word Window Punch to punch out two of the same color as the ink pad

One punch I cut in half and glued into the ink pad as I was stamping the color pages

This way when two ink pads are sitting open side by side I can tell which is which

As you can see from the picture I have Chocolate Chip and Early Espresso side by side

It is hard to tell by looking at the ink pads which is which but with the card stock insert it is easy

Ink Pad Identification
Ink Pad Identification

The other punch is attached to the color page so I have The marker, Ink and, Card stock colors in one grouping

I am on a mission to organize all of my craft stuff starting with my Stampin’ Up! supplies

I hope you are enjoying this journey with me

It is a lot of work but well worth the effort

Stay tuned for part 4 “The Stamps”

Please let me know if you have done this and share pictures of your ideas!

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