I Love A Great Sale!!!


I am here before the sun has come up to tell you about an Incredible sale

I am not a morning person, I never have been

My body just believes it’s not right to be up this early

But, I wanted to make sure you had the chance to get in on this sale

There are three items that are only on sale today

November 20, 2013

The first on and the whole reason I am up so early to tell you is the

Stampin’ Trimmer # 126889

trimmerThis trimmer is fabulous and it never goes on sale

I believe it is a must have tool for any paper crafter

It is slim enough to go with you

The wing pops out to cut a full 12 x 12 sheet of card stock

Watch this video on it and you will love it too!

Remember it is only on sale today November 20, 2013

Also on the one day sale is the

Simply Scored Diagonal Plate # 125586

Diagonal plate

This plate goes with the Simply Scored Board #122334


Many Marvelous Markers #131264


This is a great way to get the complete set of markers from all four color families

The rest of the sale goes through December 2, 2013

You can see The Entire Sale here

You can also download the entire flyer with a complete list of sale items and the prices here

It is worth noting that along with sale are some exclusive bundles

Be sure to check them out in my store

Here is the link to the Exclusive Bundles

I can’t say whether these bundles will stick around so get the ones you want before December 2, 2013

Also while your looking at deals check out the clearance rack

As always if you have any questions contact me and Happy shopping

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P.S. I will be back later today with more fabulous specials after the sun has been up for a while and I have had my coffee!

More Love for MDS…

Grand baby number two Raelynn

I took more time to make this one

I hand colored a couple of the stamps

That was fun, it was easy too

I could zoom in on the image so I could color precisely where I wanted just like markers to stamps

This time I used letter punches for the name instead of text

Raelynn's Page-001Four more Grand Babies to go

I will try to find new techniques to use on each one

I will report anything new I try and any glitches if I find them, so far it has been pretty flawless

I think the only trouble anyone might have is understanding layers

Think about how you would lay down a paper scrapbook page and then you can see in layers…

Background page, embellishments, stamps layers of paper and photo are all layers

With MDS you don’t have to worry about getting them placed just right

You can bring something forward or send it back behind something else

You can grab something and move it to the exact location you want

If something else is in the way just move it for awhile fix what is behind it and then put it back

Don’t like something just click on it to change it or delete it

No worrying about gluing down and ripping paper to remove it

Did I mention I love MDS

Don’t get me wrong I am still a hands on girl and love my paper and ink

But MDS is awesome too!!!

Now if I could just find a way to watercolor in MDS I would be set!

Check it out for yourself!

30-day free trial MDS

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3 More Reasons why I love MDS

I have said before I love MDS

Well here is 3 more reasons why…

1. I can customize it exactly the way I want

I can put a stamped image one, two or, three layers behind

2. I can use whatever photo I want or I can leave it without the photo to add after printing


3. It is quick and easy

Tyler james page-001This project took me about ten minutes to pull together

You can see how some of the stamped images are behind the frame layers

The hearts are actually Perfect Plum but I made them more opaque

I can’t wait to play with this more

Stay tuned I have five more grand-babies and numerous animals to use!!!

Try MDS for free for 30 days you will not be dissapointed

30-day free trial MDS

Don’t forget to download the freebies for MDS

MDS Free Downloads

Signature 4***Side Note***

I am still working on Part four of my organizing “the stamps” it will be done shortly

3 Reasons to Organize your Stamps and Tools Part 3…

This is part 3 of my personal journey to get organized

This post I tackled my color collection

I only have the colors that are staying in the Color Refresh (May 31st I can post all the new colors)

I have a technique book that is an 8 x 8 photo album

I decided to put my color pages in with my techniques to keep everything close at hand

I don’t want a ton of different books to look through to find what I need

The Bright Collection
The Bright Collection
The Neutral Collection
The Neutral Collection
The Regal Collection
The Regal Collection
The Subtle Collection
The Subtle Collection

In the process of creating these pages I also added some organizing to my stamp pads

I used the Word Window Punch to punch out two of the same color as the ink pad

One punch I cut in half and glued into the ink pad as I was stamping the color pages

This way when two ink pads are sitting open side by side I can tell which is which

As you can see from the picture I have Chocolate Chip and Early Espresso side by side

It is hard to tell by looking at the ink pads which is which but with the card stock insert it is easy

Ink Pad Identification
Ink Pad Identification

The other punch is attached to the color page so I have The marker, Ink and, Card stock colors in one grouping

I am on a mission to organize all of my craft stuff starting with my Stampin’ Up! supplies

I hope you are enjoying this journey with me

It is a lot of work but well worth the effort

Stay tuned for part 4 “The Stamps”

Please let me know if you have done this and share pictures of your ideas!

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3 Reasons to Organize your Stamps and Tools part 2…

This is part two or rather a redesign of the original post (can find it here)

After I posted that I really looked at the Punch Templates and just wasn’t happy with it

I went back to the drawing board and came up with this:

New Punch Template08

Die made and Outline
Die made and Outline
Die Cut
Die Cut
Die cut Inside and Out
Die cut Inside and Out

I am really please with how this turned out and I have room to expand it.

Every Template can be laid out over an image to see the fit

I can even use them to sponge with

I will be adding pages with the die cut blanks as well

That way I can see exactly what I have to play with

Stay tuned for part three “The Colors”

Please let me know if you have done this and share pictures of your ideas!

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