I Love My Job!

I love my job because I can be as flexible as I need to be

Yesterday a friend called in a panic, she was moving and the rental company messed up her order

Now she didn’t have a truck to move her big stuff and she had to be out that day

Because my job is flexible and I have a truck I was able to help her

Everyone else had to work a non flexible job

She lives an hour and a half away so the move took my entire day

I felt lucky though to have a job where I could drop what I was doing to help a friend

Luckily too, Mojo Monday goes on all week

I will get my take on Mojo Monday posted before the Sunday deadline

I am also gearing up for the Summer Splash Craft Fair, here in Imperial, NE on Saturday June 22nd

I have been super busy making things I can sell

Pictures will be coming as soon as I am done

I will also be posting a recap of the event after the show is over

I hope you stay tuned, there will be lots to see in a few days

I am blessed to have a friend and fellow Demonstrator coming to help me

I think I would be even more behind without her help

I also feel sorry for my poor house, it has been so neglected with all the crafting I have been doing

No matter I am doing what I love Crafting!!!

Hey, if you have any tips for making craft shows better please let me know

you can comment below or contact me directly

Thank you for hanging with me

Have a Stamping Great Day!

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