3 More Reasons why I love MDS

I have said before I love MDS

Well here is 3 more reasons why…

1. I can customize it exactly the way I want

I can put a stamped image one, two or, three layers behind

2. I can use whatever photo I want or I can leave it without the photo to add after printing


3. It is quick and easy

Tyler james page-001This project took me about ten minutes to pull together

You can see how some of the stamped images are behind the frame layers

The hearts are actually Perfect Plum but I made them more opaque

I can’t wait to play with this more

Stay tuned I have five more grand-babies and numerous animals to use!!!

Try MDS for free for 30 days you will not be dissapointed

30-day free trial MDS

Don’t forget to download the freebies for MDS

MDS Free Downloads

Signature 4***Side Note***

I am still working on Part four of my organizing “the stamps” it will be done shortly


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